Facebook Tagging Is Annoying

I’m sick of people who don’t know how to use tagging on Facebook. They’re like forcing you to see their photos and comment. Even if tagging is used to tag a person or persons in the photos it’s still possible to tag those who are not in the photos. I think Facebook should change this feature and make tagging limited to people who really are with the person tagging the photos. I don’t know if this is possible but I guess there’s a way.

Facebook tagging

And to the person initiating the tag, please do others and me a favor, ask us if we want to be tagged. You might not know how tagging works but the photos that I’m tagged with will show up on my friends’ and your friends’ feeds which result to the photos being shared to people unknown to me.

I, however, fixed this little annoyance in my privacy settings. I’ve set tagging to “review” first before allowing it to show in my timeline. I end up reviewing and untagging myself from many photos though. Phoof!