Twitter for Android Version 4.0.0

When I get update notifications for apps that I have on my phone and tab I usually don’t let the day pass without updating. I haven’t got any major problems with any apps after the upgrade, until today, when I updated the Twitter for Android app. It works good on my Samsung GS III which has the latest version of Android. But my good old Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 is stuck with the ancient version 3.2. Has it something to do with incompatibility?

Twitter app for Android

After updating I could not see my tweets, home feed and everything. I could post a tweet though. I decided to uninstall it and installed again to see if it would work. But to my dismay, I could not even login. When I clicked the login text it led to another page which is completely white yet another login text is visible again. I clicked it again but nothing happened. Grrr! Any thoughts on this?