Upgrading to WordPress 3.5

There have been no updates of WordPress that I get disappointed about. Everytime there’s an update there’s always something new. Though there came a time when I complained about several updates for just one year. I’m keen to updating but it wasn’t that easy before when I had to make a back-up of my database manually. I still do it every now and then but when I run out of time I just go to my webhost’s cpanel and back-up from there. It’s faster than delving into the Php admin.

I have changed the niche of this blog for a couple of times already but I guess I’m back to where I started – putting up a technology and other trends blog. It’s quite difficult to update several blogs but it’s challenging to make it happen.

Since I only have few posts on this blog I didn’t bother to back-up my database before updating to WordPress 3.5. Gladly, it went smoothly and fast. This version of WordPress is really clean and sleek. The dashboard loads fast and it seems easier to navigate.